There are several different flavors of Ham radio voip software that can be used with ham radio equipment. One such software that is very popular is AllStar. There are several different versions of it out there. One I like to use mainly is HamVoip. It’s mainly for the Raspberry Pi computer. Easy to setup with a simple install. They have lots of how-to’s on their website for adding additional features to the software. Also have instructions on how to hook up different radio’s to the Hamvoip AllStar system. Hamvoip is also updated regularly. AllStar is a 16 bit audio system.

If your looking for AllStar for a desktop computer. Check out the Original AllStar website. They also have a Raspberry Pi version as well. Neither one is updated on a regular basis. This is also the website for getting a node number for your setup. So make sure you apply for that first. You will need it once you start to install AllStar using any of the AllStar versions out there.

IRLP is another voip software. This one will cost you a little more in cost and is not updated often. Matter of fact it’s kind of old technology that hasn’t really changed much. Your required to leave you system running 24/7. if you turn it off for a certain amount of time. They pull your PGP key (node number) from you. They also have a Raspberry version you can buy pre-built or you can built your own following the instructions from their website. IRLP has died off quite a bit over the last 10 years. Many have switched over to Allstar. IRLP is a 8 bit audio system.

Echolink is another voip system that has been around a very long time. it mainly uses a computer with no radio attached.
audio is kind if terrible at times. you can even use it on your cellphone. It is worth getting specially if your traveling and need a way to chat with folks either on Echolink itself or with others that are connected to a AllStar or IRLP system.

Use the sub menu under the Voip menu to visit the IRLP and AllStar pages. There you will find the links you need.

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